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When Can You Install a Fence?

Written By: admin - Jul• 24•13

Installing a fence around your home helps meet the necessity for security and privacy. In addition, a fence can add curb appeal and beauty to your home. When you’ve decided to install one, the next question is when to do it.

Truthfully, any time of the year is suitable for fence installation provided the installation is performed by skilled professionals. However, erratic weather conditions are generally problematic because of the obvious distractions. Also, some times, installing a fence during winter may have its own problems due to freezing outdoors. Many fencing contractors may charge slightly higher labor fees for installations during erratic weather to cater for the inconvenience of working in those conditions. This doesn’t mean that every fence company will charge higher fees.

What you ought to know is that any unfavorable weather conditions can negatively affect the installation process, regardless of the season. For instance, if there are heavy rains or high humidity, it can be hard for the gravel to set in the holes where the fence posts are going to be placed. Similarly, too much heat can cause problems with concrete setting and can also lead to contraction or swelling of fencing materials. Ideal weather for fence installation is a warm day with no rain forecast for the next couple of days.

Most people elect to install their fence during spring or summer and it’s no wonder that this tends to be the busiest period for fence installations. This means that you’re more likely to be charged more by a contractor due to increased demand for fencing services. If you want cheaper labor costs, take advantage of the less busy seasons.

Note that proper installation is crucial as it can affect the durability of your fence, especially in case of a wooden fence. Getting the process right is more important than the time you choose to install your fence.

Treated Pine Fencing Benefits

Written By: admin - Jul• 24•13

Treated pine is a very versatile material mostly used in building projects for flooring, fencing, and framing. The wide use of pine in building is because it is a cost-efficient material that’s easy to work with. Treated pine is one that is subjected to chemical treatment during pressurization, making it more hard wearing. The treatment makes the pine more resistant to rotting, water damage, and pests.

Many fencing projects use treated pine lumber because it is an affordable option. The treatment makes it sturdier, meaning that it will not crack when nailed.

Treated lumber is relatively durable, meaning that you will not have to replace it regularly. Unless you want to remodel your home for a complete new look, there will not be any need to replace your treated pine fence provided it was properly treated and sealed. Note that there are many other factors that contribute to the longevity of treated pine, including method of construction. Pine lumber can retain moisture, so it’s important that it is installed by a skilled and experienced person. As the lumber holds a lot of moisture when newly manufactured, it will gradually shrink as it dries. If this is not properly accounted for when constructing the fence, it can cause problems and affect its durability.

Treated pine can withstand weather and environmental conditions including heat, cold, water, and termite infestation. This means that you’ll seldom need to spend a lot on maintenance. Also, the treated lumber will not easily decay when set in soil.

The major reason why people choose pine for a fencing material is because of its visual appeal. Once it’s treated, you don’t need to paint it and this can be great for people who don’t like painting. Pine is typically used with its natural wood grain, giving it a pleasant decorative finish. Since you can choose from a variety of stains, this gives pine more flexible decorative options.

If you’re looking for a material that combines affordability with good quality, treated pine is hard to beat.

How To Install a Wood Fence

Written By: admin - Jul• 17•13

A wooden fence can add much more to your home than just security and privacy. Wood is a classic fencing material that is adored by many and has been used for years. So if you’re thinking of installing a wooden fence around your backyard, follow the instructions below. Note that the steps below are for a board fence.


  1. Measure spacing for the posts. You can either use the standard six to eight feet distance or your own discretion. Set corner posts first and then align the remainder in-between.
  2. Make holes for the posts. When preparing the holes, ensure that they are deep enough to support at least 1/3 of every post. This enables the posts to be firm enough to withstand wind and heavy weights.
  3. Set posts in the ground. Place some gravel (about three scoops of a shovel) at the base of each hole before setting the post. The posts must be plumb (use a level to determine this). Use stakes to brace the posts as you maintain proper alignment. Finally, use dirt to fill the holes and hold the poles firm. Tamp the ground where the post touched the ground level so that the dirt is compact.
  4. Affix the rails onto the posts – both at the top and bottom. Measure the alignment between the top and bottom rails to ensure it is perfect. The rails should be secured onto the body of the posts using any method although a ‘butt joint’ is the most ideal.
  5. Attach the fence boards. Attach the boards one by one starting from any of the corner posts. Before nailing the board in place, use a plumb to ensure that it is perfectly vertical. Do the same for another corner post and repeat the process until all boards are installed. Make sure you measure for vertical alignment for each board.

Is a PVC fence a Good Investment Choice?

Written By: admin - Jul• 17•13

When it’s time to install a fence, you now have a variety of options to choose from. The traditional types of chain link and wood fences are steadily falling out of favor for newer types.

Many homeowners are now opting for PVC fencing to replace the older wooden or chain link types for many reasons. PVC (also known as Vinyl or polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic material made from the polymerization of vinyl chloride. It is a very durable thermoplastic material that is sturdy and flexible. It can be used for residential or commercial fencing systems.

The major benefit of using PVC for your fence is that it is it is low maintenance material. In the long-term, low-maintenance makes a lot of economic sense even though PVC is slightly pricier to acquire than wood, for instance.

PVC is very durable and flexible. It can withstand extreme heat and cold, as well as heavy weights. In fact, you may not need to replace PVC in many years. Its flexibility also means that it comes in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Moreover, the colors don’t fade as the material is UV protected and that’s a lifetime guarantee.

There’s no need for chemical treatment, making it safe for the environment. In addition, PVC is fully recyclable although this makes it lose some bit of its durability. Since it is recyclable, it means that PVC is a very eco-friendly material at a time when preserving trees for wood is paramount.

PV fencing is relatively easy to install – most types are simply snapped into place. This makes it safe for children as there are no sharp parts or nails.

Overall, if our aim is to install a fencing system that’s low maintenance and durable, PVC is the most ideal type. It is a good long-term investment and it is fast-becoming the number one choice for many homeowners.

Is a Wood Fence A Good Investment?

Written By: admin - Jul• 17•13

Wood is undeniably the most common fencing material and has been for many years. Many people choose wood because of its natural, attractive look, let alone its versatility. The majority of people who select wood for their fence do so because of its beauty. But as a long term investment, does wood really cut it?

As with anything else where you’re going to spend money, it is important to do your homework before selecting wood for your fence.

Although it is an attractive material, wood is ideal for short term use as it requires regular replacement. This is because wood is a natural material that degrades over time, unlike synthetic materials or metal that have longer life spans. If termites invade your backyard, your wooden fence is not likely to survive. In fact, if your area is prone to termites, wood is a poor choice of fence that you should think twice before investing in.

Wood requires regular maintenance in terms of repainting – among other things – to keep its beauty. When you add up these costs over several years, the figure can be significant, making wood a poor choice for long-term investment.

Another concern about wood is that it is always a fire hazard, regardless of where it is installed. This means that wood requires extra care to prevent anything that can cause fire around the fence. Again, this can mean more maintenance costs over time.

Finally, while wood will provide a certain level of security and privacy, it is the easiest type of fence to break into in case of serious burglary. In the unfortunate event that this happens, you may lose valuable property, not to mention potential harm to house dwellers.

In all, wood is still an attractive fencing material, but with the advent of newer types that have longer life spans, wood is increasingly becoming a poor investment for long term purposes.

Ornamental Aluminum Fence Is Gaining Popularity

Written By: admin - Jul• 17•13

Many homeowners in Chicago are choosing to install a fence around their homes for various reasons, including privacy, security of property, pets, and other belongings, and for decorative purposes, among others. Fortunately, there are many types and styles of fencing systems that are being designed today such as chain link, wood, PVC (Vinyl), and aluminum.

However, ornamental aluminum is increasingly becoming popular in Chicago and rightly so. Ornamental aluminum is very decorative and can be styled to look like wrought iron, adding elegance and style to your curb. What’s more, this decorative advantage comes with the benefit of lower acquisition and maintenance costs for aluminum compared to wrought iron.

Because it is lighter than wrought iron, aluminum is more flexible and can be made in a variety of styles and colors such as white, black, wicker, bronze, and green. Black is the most popular color for residential installations. So once you install ornamental aluminum, you don’t have to repaint the fence.

Although it’s lighter than iron, aluminum is a sturdy material. It is typically coated with high quality baked powder, giving the fence a glossy finish that is fade-resistant. Also, unlike iron, aluminum is resistant to rust.

Residential aluminum fences are made with heights ranging from 3 to 6 feet while commercial installations go from 4 feet to 12 feet high. Basically, choosing ornamental aluminum for your fence gives you many height options.

There are many design options too for ornamental aluminum including finials, scrolls, ornate, and archways post tops.

Many homeowners use ornamental aluminum fences around swimming pools and in the backyard. Many commercial installations are opting for this material as well.

With the aforementioned advantages, it is now easy to understand why ornamental aluminum fence is gaining popularity in Chicago. Choose ornamental aluminum to add a touch of elegance to your backyard.

Where To Find Local Fence Reviews

Written By: admin - Jul• 17•13

Installing a fence at your home can increase security and guarantee a level of privacy. While it isn’t mandatory to install one, it is important to do so. You can spend as much or as little as you can afford, depending on the contractor you hire. Thus, it’s important to hire the right fence contractor that will respect your budget and choose the most ideal type of fence for your needs.

Before choosing a contractor, most people rightly search for independent reviews of various prospective fence contractors. Going through reviews of your prospective contractors may save you from a horrible situation in future. Since all companies claim to offer the best service, the only way to prove those claims is through a review from someone who has actually used the service. They will explain what they liked and what they didn’t like about a company’s services.

Some contractors are the fly-by-night types that use the cheapest materials as well as unprofessional methods. They also tend to offer unusually low prices as the materials used are substandard. It’s hard to isolate such companies because they use aggressive marketing tactics. However, with a review from a past client, such contractors can easily be identified and avoided.

There are many places online where you can find local fence reviews. The Better Business Bureau is one of the best known review places online where you can localize your searches to find reviews for fence companies in your area. Angie’s List is another great resource for local fence reviews. In addition, you can also find great user reviews on Yelp although you’d have to do a lot of research because this site is more product oriented rather than service focused.

There are many other places you can find local fence reviews online with some good searching. Ensure that you read as many reviews as possible before hiring a company.

Why Is Aluminum Fencing a Good Option?

Written By: admin - Jul• 17•13

Most people think of a fence as the classic wood or chain link types that are most commonly used in America. It’s easy to understand why wood and chain link were the most common types of fence: they are cheap, easy and quick to install (meaning low labor costs for fencing companies), and lack of alternatives (wrought iron is relatively expensive).

However, there are many other fencing types that have gradually gained popularity over the years, including aluminum, a stylish and modern type of fencing.

One of the reasons why aluminum is a good option is that it is maintenance-free. While initial costs of acquiring it might be slightly higher than those for wood and chain link, you will save in the long run. Wood requires regular painting, only to replace it a few years later. So it’s understandable why most people are going for alternatives such as aluminum.

Aluminum is lightweight and easy to install. It’s normally shipped in assembled panels. To install, the panels are simply attached to posts fixed into the ground. It can be molded in a variety of styles, notably the open picket style. Aluminum is the preferred type of fence to install around a swimming pool as a fence is a requirement to ensure safety around swimming pools.

Another benefit of aluminum is that it has the elegance of wrought iron but without the high costs. Aluminum is typically finished with enamel coating that prevents it from warping as is common in many wood and chain link fences. It has stronger resistance to extreme weather, making it more durable.

In addition, aluminum will not rust and if it is bought from a reputable manufacturer, they will offer lifetime warranty against fading, peeling, or cracking. No chemicals are used to treat aluminum, making it environmentally friendly.

So if you’re considering several fencing options, choose aluminum for the aforementioned reasons.

Steel Fence Panels Are More Affordable Than Ever Before

Written By: admin - Mar• 25•13

You no longer need to break the bank to use steel fence panels for your fencing needs. This is because steel fence panels are now more affordable than they used to be several years ago. Technological advancement and fiercer competition are just some of the reasons that have made steel fencing cheaper than what it used to be.


Traditional use of wooden fences is on the decline as people are now turning to alternatives that offer more advantages. Wooden fencing is quite attractive to look at, but they offer several problems. Wooden fences are affected by weather changes, rain and effects of termites and ants. Even the best treated wooden fence would rot and break down over time. Wooden fences also require higher levels of maintenance compared to steel fence panels.


This makes steel fence panels even more cost effective in the long run. You practically do not need to spend anything to maintain your steel fencing. As long as you use galvanized steel that has been treated against rust, you save on maintenance costs and time. You will also find that fixing steel fence panels are easier and faster. The fence is also much stronger when you use steel as compared to wood.


A lot of people are aware of the many benefits of steel fence panels over wood, but they have always assumed that the cost would be too high. This is no longer the case. A professional fence expert can offer your cost friendly solutions that would save you money and yet get you a secure longer lasting steel fence. The cost is no longer as high as it used to be, and the many relative benefits make it a cheaper choice in the long run.


Steel fence panels can be used at both residential and business premises. You can use them for chain link steel fence. There are different types of steel that can be used and they come at various prices. You can use relatively cheaper thinner steel for fences around fish ponds, gardens or pet areas. Thicker steel can be used for house perimeter fencing. The cost of steel fence post is even lesser than the cost of a wooden or PVC post and the steel post would still last longer than the wooden post.


It is thus clear that steel fence panels offer more benefits over traditional wooden fencing. They are now quite affordable, are more secure and last longer.

Do I need a pool fence?

Written By: admin - Mar• 25•13

One of the most important things that you can do for your family is to protect them from pool accidents by installing a pool fence. Most childhood memories are generated in the swimming pool area and therefore it’s good to ensure the pool is safe for everyone. According to a report, drowning is the number two cause of death for children aged below 14 years. It is also the number six cause of death in all ages. It’s inevitable and therefore it’s your responsibility to protect your family from this danger. As you are willing to have more fun with your family, also work on the safety part.

There is nothing more important than your family’s safety. If you have a swimming pool or planning to get one, then you need to have a pool fence in your mind. Many people dream of having houses with pools, but with this comes responsibility. Pools are places where a lot of fun is experienced and also the place where the family enjoys some fun moments together. Unfortunately this is the place where many accidents happen. You may be thinking that a pool fence will destroy all the beauty that comes with the look of the pool, but there are better things to consider such as your family’s safety.

In some states, you will find it’s illegal to have a pool without a fence. You may find yourself having to pay hefty fines if you do not adhere to the state laws; therefore it’s good to have a look at your state laws and regulations. Of course there are other ways of improving safety at the pool area such as alarms and covers but pool fences are best in protecting your children from drowning in the pool.

There is a wide array of fencing materials to use as well as designs and therefore you can easily get something that appeals to you. Pool fences also enhance your pool area’s appearance. With the numerous colors, styles and designs available on the market today, you can easily find something that suits your tastes. Furthermore, they improve the overall look of your home. Pool fences also increase the resale value of your house. Most of the pool fences on the market are affordable and also look appealing. The most common materials used to make pool fences include aluminum, wrought wood, wood, glass, vinyl and chain link.